LCF, Non UK IP's and Spammers

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LCF, Non UK IP's and Spammers


Post by xLc » Fri Mar 23, 2018 1:41 pm

You may have noticed the country flags next to your name on the Logged in Users list at the bottom of the main index page.

Just lately we have been the target of spammers, you may have logged in and seen silly posts from new members.
These are 99% of the time non uk people.

To help us combat this we have introduced the country flags.
These help us identify any member logged in is not in the UK and remove them before any Spam takes place. (since going live less than 24 hours ago this has stopped 3 spammer accounts)

For this reason, please do not use a non UK proxy to browse our website or you risk being banned as a potential spammer.
You can of course use a UK proxy if you wish.
If you go abroad and access the forum then do not worry, before banning any account we will check your account to ensure your account is legit.
This is not an invasion of your privacy, you are free to use a UK proxy to access our website if you feel the need. Let me assure you that the Flags are a system run script and do not reveal any information to anyone other than the country being used to access our website.

Please do not use a non uk proxy to access our website. Your account will be temporary banned if you do, which will require you to contact admin to regain access.

We hope you understand why we have introduced this and support our decision.


The LCF Team.


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Re: LCF, Non UK IP's and Spammers


Post by Nimrod » Fri Mar 23, 2018 10:39 pm

Absolutely support your decision and once again thank you for the work you do behind the scenes keeping this forum safe.

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