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Its time to put respect back into work

DPD Courier Discussion

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Its time to put respect back into work


Post by GMBunionOrganiser » Sun May 14, 2017 2:22 pm

GMB Union have now taken out cases against DX, UK Mail, UBER, Hermes and there are potential cases against DPD Local, and Yodel, over the treatment of lifestyle or self employed couriers. Spread the word, if we can prove that your status as a self employed courier is wrong you too may have a case. Which we can then pursue a claim holiday pay and other matters that a person classed as a worker would be able to receive, such as the minimum wage.

GMB has over a hundred years of fighting for justice for workers. GMB has also been involved in the parcel business since the early 1960's first with Securicor, Securicor Omega, DHL, Yodel and a number of other companies down the years.

Many lifestyle couriers work hard, do a great professional job, but many are treated with disrespect by the company, and don't get fair treatment they deserve. GMB can help you, to put respect back into work, its your choice!


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