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DHL/ UKMail Pay Cuts - GMB Presser


Post by GMBunionOrganiser » Thu Feb 08, 2018 1:17 pm

GMB Union have issued a number of press release regards the draconian actions of DHL/ UKMail, who it appears have swapped one set of Victorian mill owners for another.

See GMB Presser on this, and over the next few days we will populate some more pages.

GMB has written to DHL/UK Mail demanding an urgent meeting to discuss their appalling treatment of drivers.

GMB members employed by DHL/UK Mail are furious at the draconian treatment they’ve received at the hands of management – including the sacking of 20 fellow drivers.

GMB has written to DHL to demand an urgent meeting. [1]

Drivers at depots across the UK [2] were frogmarched into offices last month, placed under duress and told to sign a paper with the 4% pay cut – which in real terms equates to £2,000 per year - or their services ‘would no longer be required’. [3]

More than 20 drivers at various depots refused to sign the pay cut – and as a result the company sacked these drivers.

Many had given years of service to DHL/UK Mail and their customers.

DHL/UKMail, which delivers for brands such as M&S, House of Fraser, 02, Ebay and Argos [4], recently came second in a Which? users poll for excellent customer service delivery. [5]

The company won new orders, increased performance, and made significant investments in its business.

None of this would have been possible if DHL/UK Mail delivery drivers had gone that extra mile and provided a great service.

Instead of rewarding their drivers, DHL/UK Mail decided to impose a pay cut of up to 2k per driver.

Yet in 2016 company bosses trousered payments of £900k. [6]

DHL/UK Mail is a subsidiary of DHL, which was acquired in 2016.

The company has signed up to various social responsibility statements as a leading brand. [7]

This is the second cut in pay drivers have suffered in the past last year.

Mick Rix, GMB National Officer Transport and Distribution, said:

"I have never known drivers to be so angry and upset at a company.

“We have organised a number of meetings up and down the country with GMB members, and more than 200 drivers and others working for DHL/UK Mail have joined GMB.

“They have simply had enough of their appalling treatment by the company executives and depot managers.

“Many are talking about the possibility of taking action.

“DHL/UKMail need to have a serious rethink, they claim to be a socially responsible company, yet their draconian treatment of drivers demonstrates these are just words on a website.

“We have written to DHL/UK Mail demanding an urgent meeting.

“If they don't respond and meet with us, our campaign for justice for GMB drivers at this company will go to another level.

“We urge all drivers to contact GMB now.” ... dhl-ukmail


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Re: DHL/ UKMail Pay Cuts - GMB Presser


Post by Nimrod » Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:18 pm

May be as time goes on and the GMB gather more and more members from the delivery sector the GMB could look at some form of campaign to have some regulation brought in to the sector so hard working couriers/drivers are paid and treated fairly. Not only that but it would stop the "race to the bottom" that seems the basis of work for the delivery sector at present. May be a campaign with clear pricing so that customers and clients charge and pay for the services they require rather than forcing premium service on to workers who are on a budget pay.

We must never forget that as companies fight to sell lower and lower priced contracts delivery prices fall so hardworking couriers/driver have to pay the price as now with UK Mail. This situation also has serious knock on effects for the high street, were shops stand empty, this then affects the councils rate income, an income that provides the services to OUR local communities

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