2017 Optifuel Challenge: Who will reach the finals?

Reducing fuel consumption depends not only on the truck, but also the driver, as proven by the Optifuel Challenge – an eco-driving competition organised by Renault Trucks every two years. The fourth edition of this event is about to begin when more than 2,500 drivers from 31 countries around the world will compete in their respective countries behind the wheel of a Range T. Then the best driver from each country – the one who consumes the least fuel without sacrificing an appropriate speed – will participate in the International Grand Finale to be held in Spain.

Tony Owen, Transport Solutions Manager, says; “’Optifuel Challenge aims to be all about promoting fuel efficient driver behaviour which in turn drives down operators’ overheads – yet another example of Renault Trucks’ being the customer’s cost champion.”

After a series of pre-selection trials, the best eco-drivers in each of 31 countries will face off in the national finals before the winners from each country will then take part in the Optifuel Challenge International Grand Finale in Spain from October 17th – 19th 2017.

Source: Uk Haulier

2017 Optifuel Challenge: Who will reach the finals?

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