3 month ban for driver who filmed traffic while driving HGV

Traffic Commissioner takes action following report from driver’s employer.

Earlier this week we shared footage from Highways England showing a driver who was caught using a hand held mobile phone while driving his HGV.

Regrettably that’s not the only case where a professional driver’s taken unacceptable risks while on the road.

Last month, Traffic Commissioner Simon Evans revoked a professional driver’s licence after he was recorded filming other traffic on the M60 motorway in Manchester while driving his truck.

At one point, the driver was holding his phone out of the window of his cab to film a group of bikers travelling on the motorway.

Conduct hearing

During a conduct hearing, the driver said he was taking a picture of the motorbikes and that he’d kept more than double the safe distance.

Incredibly, he claimed his actions hadn’t been dangerous.

But Mr Evans decided his conduct had fallen seriously below the required standards for a professional driver.

He took away the driver’s vocational entitlement and disqualified him for three months. He’ll have to reapply for his vocational licence if he wants to drive professionally again.

Source: Uk Haulier

3 month ban for driver who filmed traffic while driving HGV

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