800th FORS Practitioner says workshops “improved all aspects” of her fleet knowledge

FORS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, has announced Emma Coulson-Smith from R.R. Memmory Haulage as its 800th FORS Practitioner.

R.R. Memmory Haulage is a Sheffield-based FORS Bronze member, and Emma attended most of the workshops in Wakefield. The fleet of heavy haulage vehicles travel across the UK and also complete international work.

Emma was brought on board to implement FORS, and as such has found the Practitioner workshops invaluable. “FORS represents best practice across all areas of fleet management – obviously we want to be as compliant as possible but by implementing FORS we’ve gone beyond that, in order to raise standards. We’ve applied a strict schedule to make sure we are following the FORS Standard, such as regular licence checks and eyesight checks for drivers,” said Emma.

FORS Practitioners are a dedicated group of transport, health and safety and logistics managers who have taken part in a series of nine Practitioner workshops designed to provide a thorough grounding in best practice for commercial vehicle operators. Topics in the workshops include developing fleet management policy, safe and efficient fleet management, and monitoring and measuring road fleet performance. Delegates can attend one or all of the nine workshops, in any order, but all workshops must be completed to gain FORS Practitioner status.

Fully funded training is available for current FORS members, and there is a requirement throughout FORS Bronze, Silver and Gold for operators to demonstrate that staff undergo approved, progressive training.

Dates for 2018 workshops will be announced later in the year.

Source: Uk Haulier

800th FORS Practitioner says workshops “improved all aspects” of her fleet knowledge

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