Barcode Scanning Just Got Reel with ProGlove Launch

ProGlove Launches Groundbreaking Pull-to-scan Wearable
for Low-Frequency Scanning Environments

ProGlove, a leading provider for industry wearables, today
announced the launch of a groundbreaking new wearable: Reel is designed to be
quickly accessible via a lanyard or belt-clip, making it ideal for those
organisations with low-frequency scanning environments such as product returns
or quality control. Its customisable attachment positions ensure there is no
contact with the scanned items, so it is also a perfect option for those
organisations that handle highly sensitive elements. Reel works with all
scanners of the MARK product family, and sells for 89 Euros a piece. 

Featuring a pull-to-scan function, Reel triggers the scan
engine when the highly durable 70 cm Aramid thread is pulled. Additionally, the
new wearable comes with an extra release button. Reel enables workers to
quickly and easily scan items within their reach, without having to carry a
heavy, bulky, conventional pistol scanner. 

Thomas Kirchner, Vice President Product at ProGlove
comments: “The addition of Reel to our product portfolio opens a new set of use
cases and further demonstrates our commitment to advancing the industrial
wearables and software market in order to streamline workflow for our
customers. Reel is the latest example of how we continually innovate to ensure
we are ahead of the curve when it comes to the application of industrial
wearables and addressing the wants and needs of the market.”

Source: Courier News

Barcode Scanning Just Got Reel with ProGlove Launch

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