bpost transfers CityDepot activities to BD myShopi

bpost group and BD myShopi have reached agreement on the acquisition of CityDepot, effective 1 January 2020.

In recent years, CityDepot, a bpost subsidiary since 2015, has grown into a leading name in combined logistic deliveries to commercial centres. New technologies and evolving customer expectations are radically changing the context in which CityDepot operates.

BD myShopi is the number one omni-channel activation platform in Belgium, with more than 50 years of experience in logistics and offline and online consumer activation.

Raf Lambrix, CEO of BD myShopi explains how this fits in with their business strategy: “We see an increasing demand for specialised, sustainable logistics in residential and commercial centres. Key there is proximity, which has been in BD myShopi’s DNA for decades. The acquisition of CityDepot enables us to further improve and enlarge our expertise and solutions. As a result, we can combine even more deliveries and so limit the number of journeys.That meets the demand of all stakeholders for sustainable logistics. Conversely, CityDepot customers gain access to our impressive network of depots and our knowledge of local delivery challenges and opportunities. At CityDepot, we have everything we need to fulfil our role of specialised logistics provider.”

Kathleen Van Beveren, CEO parcels & logistics Europe & Asia for bpost says: “Thanks to CityDepot we have gained a great deal of experience of sustainable city deliveries in recent years, which we will build upon to pursue our growth as a major partner for sustainable B2C e-commerce logistics. By putting a strong focus on our current and future B2C activities, we can continue to fulfil customer expectations and provide a high-quality sustainable service. I would like to thank the management and staff of CityDepot for their efforts over the past few years and wish them every success as part of BD myShopi.”

CityDepot employs 30 people, all of whom will remain in post after the acquisition by BD myShopi.

Source: Post and Parcel

bpost transfers CityDepot activities to BD myShopi

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