Bringg research reveals 5 day delivery is unacceptable

Research from delivery orchestration platform Bringg has revealed half of US retailers do not meet customers’ expectations for delivery.

Bringg Barometer 2020, State of Retail Report pairs original survey data of over 1,000 customers collected in cooperation with Google Surveys and compares it with an extensive evaluation of the delivery offerings of 50 top US retailers. Based on data from the last quarter of 2019, it sheds light on the gap between consumer expectations and retailer’s offerings, and how retailers can meet and exceed them in the future

Key findings of the survey include:

  • Over half of retailers do not meet customers’ expectations for delivery
  • Only 40% of retail deliveries meet the majority (64%) of online shoppers’ expectations for speed.
  • Delivery fees are 4x higher than what shoppers say they are willing to spend.
  • To shoppers, speed and convenience (41%) are now almost as important as free delivery (56%).
  •  5+ day delivery is unacceptable to 76% of shoppers, yet 1 in 5 retailers list this as their default option.

Guy Bloch, CEO of Bringg  comments:“Our report reflects what we’ve been seeing in the field for some time. Retailers and delivery providers that are connecting, digitising and optimising their supply chains are able to offer better delivery experiences.”

“The imperative is clear. Retailers that address the gap between their delivery offerings and customer expectations in 2020 will enjoy stronger revenues, customer loyalty and sustainable growth,” he adds.

A downloadable copy of the full report can be found here.

Source: Post and Parcel

Bringg research reveals 5 day delivery is unacceptable

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