Canada Peak: PUDO managed 30% more packages

PUDO Inc. – North America’s carrier neutral parcel pick-up and drop-off Network, has revealed that its PUDOpoint retailers and courier partners managed 30% more packages this holiday season.

“Recently, the Canadian RCMP announced that it had engaged Amazon to help it fight porch piracy in Prince George, BC, as unattended e-commerce parcel theft from private property had reached untenable numbers,” said PUDO CEO Frank Coccia.  “We want Canadian consumers to know that we are 100% onside with a simple and convenient solution to help them secure their valuable parcels, one that all of our national and global courier partners tell us is working extraordinarily well for them, for their retail clients, and for consignees picking up from PUDOpoints.”

“By expanding and tracking volumes within our existing Network, we were able to see very clearly the year over year parcel traffic trends within those ecosystems, and work with our courier partners to help them reduce friction, costs and losses, at the same time we grew our own revenues on volume.  Now, on the heels of the holidays and as we approach ‘returns season’, we are supremely confident of our business model, and how it scales profitably in benefit of all stakeholders.”

The Amazon Bait Package solution involves inserting ‘trackable’ packages in targeted e-commerce ecosystems, so that local law enforcement can track and apprehend porch pirates in real time.  The program has run successfully in select US markets and is currently running in Prince George, Canada.

“The RCMP and the Bait Package program both, are to be applauded for their ingenuity, and certainly these criminals should be apprehended,” adds Coccia, “but we would much rather see online shoppers utilizing PUDOpoints as their home-away-from home address for parcel delivery, so that they can pick-up parcels at their convenience, at locations that are open early, late and on weekends, and let police officers focus on the already pressured law enforcement systems.”

PUDO has almost 900 PUDOpoints across Canada, including two in Prince George, and has thousands more awaiting activation by consumer-generated volume. PUDO Network growth is dictated by parcel traffic and logistics provided by its courier partners, so when there is demand in any given area, a PUDOpoint is activated to address the need.  The service has the added benefit of helping communities avoid using taxpayer dollars to engage police to track down porch pirates.

Source: Post and Parcel

Canada Peak: PUDO managed 30% more packages

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