Cartwright Delivers a Vision Express for the Future

The Cartwright Group is helping Vision Express to take their business on the road with a revolutionary new trailer that has been designed and built to be a mobile eye testing facility.

The trailer was officially handed over to Vision Express at the start of a national week of activities to raise awareness of the eye condition, glaucoma.

In a first for Cartwright, the trailer was built at the Group’s manufacturing facility in   Cheshire, and then handed over to their conversions’ division in Yorkshire.

Drawing on the expertise of the two sides of the business has proved a success.

The single axis semi-trailer was built by the Cartwright Group using composite panels pressed at their own facility in Altrincham. The 11 metre trailer is fitted with storage underneath and four hydraulic rams to level it out when it is unhooked from its tractor unit.

Inside the space has been transformed by Cartwright Conversions into a mobile eye testing facility designed to reflect the high street optician’s layout and design. Divided into five areas with a reception and examination rooms, it has running water and heating.

Engineers have created a false ceiling to hide the complex electrical work that links to an  on-board generator to power the lighting, a temperature control unit and a satellite for Internet access.

Steps lead up to the trailer with a platform lift and separate entrance for wheelchair users.

Cartwright Conversions specialises in converted vehicles for the commercial market and is widely known for its welfare van and range of ambulances. As the trend towards remote working increases, its progressive designs are finding new uses with household names.

Steve Shaw, Commercial and Operations Director at Cartwright Conversions said:We are incredibly proud of the Vision Express mobile eye testing facility which is the result of a combined effort from two parts of Cartwright’s business. Working together we have been able to build a high quality, cost effective trailer conversion that will be used by hundreds of people nationwide.”

Fitted with the latest eye testing technology, the trailer toured the UK during Glaucoma Week offering free eye testing to the public.

Vision Express has joined forces with the Road Haulage Association to raise awareness of the potential dangers of leaving glaucoma undetected particularly among HGV drivers.

RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said: “The Road Haulage Association is delighted to be associated with the Vision Express initiative and is proud to be operating the Vision Van on its behalf. Good eyesight is vital for any road user but for an HGV driver, their livelihood depends on it. Despite this, there are still far too many drivers who ignore any weakness in their vision, weakness that may well be because of glaucoma.

“Although easy to diagnose, many drivers are nervous of making the initial approach to an optician. The Vision Van will play a vital role in conveying the message that good eye health will actually prolong a driver’s working life.”


Source: Uk Haulier

Cartwright Delivers a Vision Express for the Future

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