Cherry Load take remote compliance control

Cherry Load, the Oxfordshire-based logistics solutions provider reports ‘instant control’ over driver and vehicle activities since switching to remote tacho downloading and data analysis from leading transport software specialists Mandata and TruTac.

Established in 2011, the
family-run company operates a mixed fleet including temperature-controlled,
curtain sided and bulk-tipping trailers. The company initially looked to
Mandata for software to help manage everything from transport planning to
operational monitoring, electronic proof of delivery and invoicing for their
UK-wide operation. 

In November 2018, to speed-up
and automate the retrieval of driver and vehicle tacho information for
simplified compliance, Cherry Load added a suite of software from Mandata and
TruTac which enabled tacho data digital files to be downloaded remotely via
Mandata’s service, Tacho Now, and then pushed to TruTac for analysis.

“This is valuable for
monitoring information regarding our own drivers and particularly so for agency
drivers, about whom we have little or no knowledge.”  Explains Cherry
Load’s Compliance Manager, Tracey La Porte.

The combined Mandata and
TruTac systems allow Cherry Load to remotely download and view data such as
vehicle speeds, break intervals and daily working times. All of which can be
accessed on a single screen with individual driver averages and an automatic
alert to flag up any anomalies.

“This allows me to attend to
any infringements almost as soon as they happen” continues Tracey, “and if an
agency driver has more than one card, i.e. one British and one from another
country and has swapped from one to the other, the TruTac system alerts us to a
potential problem. Similarly, we can see if that driver has recently worked
elsewhere, because a tell-tale truck icon appears on the screen.”

Cherry Load’s online
compliance control is provided by a mixture of TruTac’s software products
including TruControl – with TruAnalysis, TruView, TruDocuments, TruDriver
Digital, and TruLinks – which analyses the remotely downloaded digital tacho
files from Mandata.

“Compliance and keeping
things legal is, of course, my number one priority” adds Tracey, “and there’s
no question, remote downloading of pre-analysed vehicle and driver data makes
this easier to control.” “Time was,” she adds “when we used to meet with
drivers in random locations to physically download their cards – thankfully
that’s a thing of the past because now we can see all the information at the
press of a button, online from any location.”

According to Tracey La Porte,
the Mandata system comes with the convenience of all vehicle and driver data,
automatically captured in one place and with the addition of TruTac, Cherry
Load have the assurance of being able to view much of the same data after it
has been analysed to see exactly what’s going on.

“Another good example of this
is TruTac’s weekly Period Reports” says Tracey, “which inform drivers when they
have been exceeding their limiter speed – useful for guarding against DVSA
inspections, which can pick up cases of habitual speeding.”

Cherry Load also generate
Graduated Penalties reports each month which, using the TruTac system calculate
how drivers could potentially have been penalised – in points and financially –
had repeated infringements not gone undetected.

Managing Director, Sarah Burrows adds
that in addition
to the important compliance benefits, Cherry Load have also seen a decrease in
costs through the rollout of the Mandata and TruTac combined solution.

“We have seen a cost reduction of around 13%
through a combination of direct costs and time saving, plus the added bonus of
being able to access data from any location.”

Cherry Load Ltd is managed by founders Derek and Sarah
Burrows and is FORS Silver-accredited.  

Source: Courier News

Cherry Load take remote compliance control

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