Compliance confidence for ER-accredited logistics operator

As one of the largest privately-owned logistics companies in the South West, Sparks Transport achieved Earned Recognition status soon after the scheme was introduced in 2018 and, says the company, since adopting TruTac’s fleet management software, any DVSA checks can be easily satisfied.

With 150 HGVs delivering to every corner of the UK and
Ireland, keeping tabs on each vehicle and driver has, according to Director Jon
Sparks, brought many challenges – particularly as the regulations governing
commercial transport have become ever more stringent.

“With this many vehicles and drivers,” explains Jon “the
potential for mistakes or to let something slip through the net is quite high.
In the past we have needed to employ more administrators for longer periods
just to monitor and report basic compliance information. However, using TruTac’
s TruAnalysis software, we get things done quickly and accurately, which not
only keeps us compliant but allows us to concentrate on efficiently running the
day-to-day operation.”

Formed around 86 years ago and based in Glastonbury, Sparks
Transport provide a general distribution and warehousing service for
supermarkets and many other suppliers including fashion, pet foods and
miscellaneous dry goods. The modern fleet is backed by 120,000 sq ft of
warehousing on an impressive 9-acre site.

“Earned Recognition,” continues Jon “is something we thought
a company of our standing and reputation should naturally adopt and having an
effective range of driver and vehicle reporting functions in place, helps to
make this possible.”

For example, using TruAnalysis, Sparks can instantly detect
driver infringements and immediately take action. Whereas with their previous
system, there was an unacceptable delay in detecting any problems as the
reporting process had an unavoidable time lag.

“With TruTac software we monitor all our key performance
data live and don’t have to wait around for the information” adds Jon. “It’s
virtually instant. This means we have the info’ at our fingertips and can
satisfy any DVSA checks at a moment’s notice. Furthermore, we not only have a
more dynamic control system, but are saving a lot of precious administration

TruTac, one of the UK’s leading fleet management software
designers, also provided the technical advice and personal training required to
enable Sparks Transport to transfer from its old system.

“It was fast and efficient,” adds Jon. “Effectively we
jumped from one system to the other without tripping up and if we need any
on-the-job help, it comes without delay. No question, the investment has paid
for itself.”

Source: Courier News

Compliance confidence for ER-accredited logistics operator

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