Cranfield University signs up to new digital video recruitment platform

Cranfield University has linked up with Vidu, the new, video-based recruitment platform that brings together employers and candidates through video and social media.

The award-winning University recognises that postgraduates entering the job market are probably more likely to be attracted to a digital recruitment platform—especially one that offers unique features.

Vidu enables a user to create a personal profile, link this to their social media and then upload a video demonstrating their personality, strengths and aspirations.

The benefits are clear. For graduates, the chance to create a ‘living’, more rounded profile of themselves will help them stand out in the job market—particularly if they’re searching for their first job. Equally they can see an employer’s profile so they’ll be able to make a more informed decision about their career choice.

For employers, uploading a company profile enables job-seekers to get an insight into the vacancy and their business, thereby attracting the right sort of candidate and improving the chances of them staying in a job far longer.

Penny Pickering, Head of Career Service Delivery at Cranfield  said:  “Vidu brings a refreshing change to the recruitment industry in its somewhat antiquated approach to candidate selection via the traditional CV. I am excited about the new dimension the platform brings and what it can offer our students.”

Vidu Founder, Nicky Jones commented: “The tie-in with Cranfield gives Vidu a terrific endorsement. The innovative recruitment site will open up opportunities for employers in the Logistics business. Vacancies can be posted in the knowledge that the ‘cream of the crop’ of Britain’s post graduates will be among the job seekers.”

Source: Uk Haulier

Cranfield University signs up to new digital video recruitment platform

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