CS Wind opt for brand new CES heavy-duty reach stackers

CES is to deliver two of its brand new heavy-duty reach stackers to CS Wind (Dong Energy) which will specialise in the handling of monopiles for offshore wind towers.

The Heavy-Duty Reach Stacker VRS-K forms part of CES’s heavy-duty series and sports a movable lifting capacity of 150 tonnes, apparently a first in the market.

Nicolas Huthloff, managing director, CES Group, said: “Through our plant in Italy we [have] developed and produced the world’s first reach stacker with variable wheelbase and side-mounted technology units.”

“The unit is in effect multiple machines in one, you can adjust your machine to your preferred lifting capacity and length. They have been designed specifically to move heavy loads, not only to lift them.”

He added that the new heavy duty series, with a maximum load capacity from 125 to 250t, is ideally suited to handling wind tower components at the factory and during both the preassembly and assembly of windfarms.

Because the new reach stackers are in effect a 5 in 1 unit, the load capacity can be changed with the push of a button which telescopically extends or retracts the wheelbase.

The reach stackers also have a modular design, which means they have quick release components for easy up and downgrades. Apparently, it only takes 60 minutes to exchange an engine.

Mr Huthloff continued: “We’ve changed the concept of reach stackers. In a conventional machine engine and transmission are in the middle under the cabin.”

“We’ve moved the technology outside in an Energy Box and Supply Box with a hydrostatic/mechanic drive system.”

He said that the result is low fuel consumption, low noise level and reduced tyre wear.

Source: Uk Haulier

CS Wind opt for brand new CES heavy-duty reach stackers

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