Delivery drivers are treated like slaves | Letters

Politicians are quick to condemn other nations that trample on workers’ rights but ignore it when it happens in the UK

Your article on the inhumane working conditions encountered by some of Britain’s numerous delivery drivers was shocking (“Driven to the edge: the hidden cost of our Christmas parcels”, Special report).

Expecting a person to use their work vehicle as a toilet or a place to eat (if they are lucky enough to have time to eat) is nothing short of modern-day slavery, not to mention unhygienic. Every working person, no matter what career choice they make, is entitled to basic employment rights. Multinational corporations, under the watchful eye of recent Conservative governments, have developed these cold-hearted working conditions that maximise profits and allow them to pay the minimum amount of corporation tax. One of the glaring realities of Brexit will be the continued undermining of unions like the GMB and the disregard for employment tribunal decisions that seek to protect workers’ rights.

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Source: Guardian GiG Economy

Delivery drivers are treated like slaves | Letters

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