Driven to the edge: life on the Christmas parcel delivery run

The festive shopping spree is in full swing, with Britain’s 35,000 couriers and delivery drivers at the sharp end, often working long hours with no breaks, low pay and few employee rights

Patrick Wilson’s* heavy eyelids drop momentarily as he parks on a steep terraced street on the suburban edges of north Bristol. He raises a fist to cover a deep, primal yawn that makes his whole body shudder with exhaustion. He has been on the go since 7.30am, when he filled every bit of free space in his battered VW people carrier with packages and bags from the likes of Amazon, M&S and Next. He hasn’t had time to take a break or go to the toilet and it’s now nearly 3pm.

“I picked up 220 parcels in the morning,” he says, examining the chunky GPS device that records and dictates his every move. “I’ve done 77 but I’ve got 143 left. That’s a lot.”

I can earn £120 a day but you pay for fuel and if your van breaks down. You get minimum wage for very hard work.

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Source: Guardian GiG Economy

Driven to the edge: life on the Christmas parcel delivery run

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