Family-run waste management company own largest direct vision, low-entry fleet

As part of its ongoing drive to raise the bar in construction logistics safety, O’Donovan Waste Disposal is proud to take delivery of the latest new additions to its fleet, making the independent waste management company the largest fleet of direct vision skip loaders in the UK.  O’Donovan were also the first company in the UK to purchase the ground-breaking Mercedes Benz Econic 4×2 1830L skip loaders to their fleet in 2016.  They have compounded that commitment by continuing to add the vehicle throughout 2017, and now into 2018 with the latest arrivals. Originally designed for municipal waste work, the vehicle was remodelled to be made available to service the construction sector.


O’Donovan boasts the largest independent fleet of the exclusive Econic skip-loaders to date, which delivers unrivalled safety features offering the driver an unparalleled view of vulnerable road users. The lorry has a wide field of vision with its deep panoramic windscreen, a fully glazed floor to ceiling ‘bus style’ nearside door and lowered driving position which puts the driver at eye level with both cyclists and pedestrians. The glazed door provides direct visibility of the nearside blind spot, a particularly vulnerable position for cyclists and pedestrians.


In addition to the direct visions safety benefits offered, O’Donovan also adds a range of additional safety features which include CCTV and left hand turn audible alarms amongst others.  Their commitment to road safety and best practice resulted in becoming one of the first Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety (CLOCS) champions and also achieving the Fleet Operation Recognition Scheme (FORS) Gold accreditation six years running.


“Our safety strategy and determination has been to take resolute steps and lead the cultural change to reduce the road danger posed by construction industry vehicles,” said Jacqueline O’Donovan, Managing Director, O’Donovan Waste Disposal. “As a progressive company, we are keen to ensure we are making the best choices to help further protect vulnerable road users. We continue to make significant ongoing investments in our fleet and drivers to ensure that our commitment to road safety and direct vision is an integral part of our policy and reinforces our pledge to improve road safety for all.  As more and more large infrastructure projects like HS2 and Thames Tideway come on-line, the need for contractors to have the safest vehicles operating on their sites is paramount and this is the ambition we aspire to.”

Source: Uk Haulier

Family-run waste management company own largest direct vision, low-entry fleet

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