Fly By Nite harmonise compliance with TruTac and Volvo Trucks

Fly By Nite, the award winning logistics provider for the
music, events and entertainment industries, are combining Volvo Trucks’ fleet
management system, Dynafleet, with TruTac’s tachograph analysis product,
TruAnalysis; to deliver perfectly ‘in-tune’ driver and vehicle compliance.

Midlands based Fly By Nite, cover the whole of Europe and
beyond, including Russia, Israel and North Africa. With 170 specialist vehicles
and drivers on the move between stadiums, theatres, exhibitions and corporate
events, the extended routes mean drivers and vehicles can be gone for months at
a time.

“This always presented us with a challenge,” explains Fly By
Nite’s Transport Manager, Richard Brown. “Before we invested in Dynafleet
telematics and TruTac analysis, everything was hands-on regarding tachographs,
driver monitoring and compliance. Quite literally, we had to fly people to
far-flung destinations, so they could manually download tachograph data from
every truck. Now, using Dynafleet and TruAnalysis, it’s a completely different

With Dynafleet, Volvo can remotely download all Fly By Nite’s
driver and vehicle tachograph data on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule,
including a 24-hour speed data file if required. All verified truck and driver
card data is automatically downloaded straight to TruTac’s cloud-based system
for real-time analysis, completely removing the need for any manual
intervention. Furthermore, all information is securely saved by Dynafleet
Online for two years.

“The whole system is seamless,” adds Richard, “now we get
real-time, accurate compliance data from anywhere in the world via our portals.
This not only saves time and considerable expense but also keeps us ahead of
the game regarding compliance control – a position where Fly By Nite has always
strived to be.”

Richard Brown also points out the seamless integration
between Dynafleet and TruTac systems enables the Fly By Nite Ops team to
monitor each driver’s next start time and total available driving time. This
critical business data allows accurate planning and scheduling for every driver
and vehicle route in real-time.

Even the production managers assigned to specific tours can
enter the appropriate code and, from anywhere, immediately access all relevant
vehicle and driver info’ from their laptop. Planning and scheduling have hugely
improved due to the intelligent business data from the combined systems.

“It’s good for the drivers too” says Richard. “Using
TruTac’s Infringement module, any one-off infringements can be picked up
straight way by our compliance controller, Luke Price – known as the ‘sheriff’
– who then notifies the driver to discuss any corrective action needed. The
drivers know where they stand, and Luke makes sure we stay within the law.”

Richard Brown goes on to say that the Dynafleet and TruTac
system is so effective, Fly By Nite have also retro-fitted Dynafleet into their
non-Volvo trucks, to make the whole remote downloading process so easy.

“Regarding this dynamic combination,” concludes Richard,
“the Dynafleet management system is a comprehensive business management tool
and we highly rate the TruTac system, not least because of its ability to
manage EU and domestic mixed-rules engines. Both systems keep Fly By Nite one
step ahead of our competitors, when it comes to leading fleet management
technology, resource planning and compliance control.”

Fly By Nite operates from its own 8-acre site in the West
Midlands and offers state-of-the-art temperature-controlled warehousing
facilities of up to 4,100 sq m to securely store all types of theatre props and
set equipment. The company has won numerous awards including Tour Link Top Dog
– Best International Transport Company 2019.

Source: Courier News

Fly By Nite harmonise compliance with TruTac and Volvo Trucks

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