GB Railfreight showcases refurbished coal hoppers as part of a contract with Tarmac

GB Railfreight (GBRf) has converted 49 wagons to move aggregates from Tarmac quarries.

The re-purposed coal hoppers, also known as Vulcan wagons, have been converted by removing the middle section to make them an appropriate length for aggregate use whilst retaining their 102-tonne maximum gross laden weight. An initial set of 24 wagons has been converted and they are working trains from Tarmac’s Arcow quarry to Bredbury, Agecroft and Leeds. A second set of 25 wagons has now been converted and these will be working further services from Arcow and Swinden quarries. The newly-fitted wagons will convey a range of different size aggregate materials.

GBRf is one year into a five-year contract with Tarmac, hauling aggregates from Arcow and Swinden quarries.

John Smith, managing director, GB Railfreight, said:

“GB Railfreight is delighted to work with Tarmac, hauling aggregates from its quarries, and the refurbishments we have been able to do as part of this service. We are very pleased to have been able to refurbish and upgrade 49 new wagons, and continue to find innovative ways to support our customers. By being able to take such innovative measures and have positive relationships with our customers like Tarmac, we are able to proudly call ourselves one of the leaders of our industry.”

The arrival of the latest new wagon sets highlights the ongoing success of Tarmac’s rail operations as the leading construction solutions business responds to increasing customer demand for delivery of high quality construction materials.

Chris Swan, Head of Rail at Tarmac, said:

“Increasing rail freight capability supports our underlying commitment to sustainability, enabling us not only to lower the whole life carbon footprint of customers projects but also reduce our transport CO2 levels.  Efficient wagons have a key role to play in delivering these ambitions and so it’s good to see the repurposing of materials and equipment with the arrival of this latest wagon set from GB Railfreight.”

Source: Uk Haulier

GB Railfreight showcases refurbished coal hoppers as part of a contract with Tarmac

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