GLS Ireland offers greater flexibility to customers

The parcel service provider GLS Ireland has added GlobalBusinessParcel to its portfolio of services – allowing Irish companies to send parcels, documents and goods to almost every country in the world.

Andreas Rickert, Managing Director of GLS Ireland, says: “Our new product is tailored to the needs of SMEs who wish to diversify into global markets and who attach great importance to having a single shipping partner.”

Thanks to its access to a strong global distribution network, GLS Ireland is able to ensure speedy delivery – combined with the same high quality and security standards that apply to all GLS parcels. Senders can track their consignment online, all the way from collection to delivery.

GLS takes care of all customs related work upon request. The parcel service provider has also developed a new online tool that combines numerous practical features for exporting to third countries in order to streamline and speed up processes for customers. For the same purpose, GLS has launched new interfaces, e.g. with Irish customs. Furthermore, anyone who already uses GLS to send parcels within Europe will benefit from a single point of contact, dispatch system and label for all their parcels.

“GlobalBusinessParcel is another solution that allows us to offer greater flexibility for senders. We are delighted with the interest already shown by our customers,” explains Rickert. “Demand is particularly high for shipping to the USA.”

GLS Ireland is a subsidiary of General Logistics Systems B.V. (headquartered in Amsterdam).

Source: Post and Parcel

GLS Ireland offers greater flexibility to customers

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