Guernsey Post moves from diesel to electric home deliveries

Guernsey Post has completed its transition from diesel to an all-electric home delivery fleet. This follows the recent purchase of 82 electric vehicles.

Boley Smillie, Chief Executive of Guernsey Post said: “We started the transition to electric vehicles back in 2016 and we are really pleased to have reached this important milestone. The project has been a real success and the vehicle fleet has exceeded our expectation in terms of efficiency”.

Boley added: “The transition from diesel to electric vans is not just about the elimination of tail pipe

emissions, although that has been a notable benefit. There have also been significant cost savings. As an example, our servicing and maintenance costs have fallen by 35%.”

Each vehicle is also connected to a centralised vehicle management system which helped the Company combine its previously separate letter and parcel delivery networks and reduce overall mileage by 15%.

Guernsey Post has also invested in the necessary charging infrastructure at its Postal Headquarters where there are currently over 40 electric chargers. Postal Headquarters will also soon be the location of a 200 kW solar array which will produce around 200,000 kWh, made possible in a deal with Guernsey Electricity. The installation of the solar array will start in July.

Source: Post and Parcel

Guernsey Post moves from diesel to electric home deliveries

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