Hermes handled 85 million parcels during peak

Hermes transported 5% more parcels during in November/December 2019 than in 2018. Hermes has announced that it kept its Christmas delivery promise – over 91 % of the shipments were successfully delivered in the first delivery attempt.

“With almost 85 million parcels, we will have the highest-volume Christmas sales in our history in 2019,” said Marco Schlüter, Chief Operations Officer of Hermes Germany.

“Based on precise volume forecasts, additional capacities could be planned in good time. At the same time, our new locations, modern technology and digitisation, particularly in the area of ​​the last mile, have helped to handle the enormous volume of consignments,” continued Schlüter.

For Hermes the Christmas business is not over yet. Until mid-January, the level of consignments remains high, through returns, but also through redeeming vouchers and cash gifts.

In order to avoid bottlenecks, particularly on the last mile, Hermes and its contractual partners increased the transport and delivery capacities in the peak phase.

Among other things, the messengers benefited from fully digital tour planning for parcel delivery. The intelligent software continuously adjusts the delivery order and route guidance based on the current traffic situation while driving. The improved flow of traffic relieves the messenger, saves CO 2 and increases the productivity of the tour.

Marco Schlueter comments: “Despite considerable additional quantities, the quality level remained high. For example, we were able to keep our Christmas delivery promise to over 99 %. But it is also clear that with such additional quantities there may be delays here and there. Overall, however, we are extremely satisfied. ”

Customers are also taking advantage of Hermes’ alternative delivery options such as parcel shops or secure storage locations.

Source: Post and Parcel

Hermes handled 85 million parcels during peak

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