Industry needs clarity on LCV Smart Tachograph discussions

As mentioned at the time, the latest EU Smart Tachograph legislation brings one of the industry’s most important and necessary safety devices into the modern digital age. Despite this recent change, SMMT are expecting the next iteration of Smart Tachograph to be introduced sometime in the next three years.

In regard to light commercial vehicles, where will regulations go next? Over the course of eight years, there have been on and off discussions amongst policy makers on whether or not to require tachographs to be fitted across part or all of this sector.

Recent intelligence suggests that the European Parliament has entered into discussions with other EU institutions and are considering extending EU tachograph requirements down into the N1 van sector above 2.4t for the carriage of international goods. The SMMT continues to work closely alongside other EU trade associations like ACEA to monitor future developments on this important issue.

Fitting tachographs to these vehicles would have major implications for body and gearbox design, let alone the impact on operators and enforcement agencies meaning clarity over rollout is crucial.

Source: Uk Haulier

Industry needs clarity on LCV Smart Tachograph discussions

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