InPost set to deliver 1,000 parcel lockers in Austria          

Logistics operator InPost has won a tender to provide parcel lockers for the city of Salzburg, Austria.

The Salzburg AG company selected InPost as the strategic supplier of InPost parcel locker technology. Within the next 5 years, 1000 parcel lockers will be deployed throughout the city, the first of which will appear in July 2019 at key locations in Salzburg.

Parcel lockers solve the “last mile problem” – the last and most expensive stage of parcel delivery. In comparison to traditional courier services, parcel lockers can reduce delivery costs by around 30%. Parcel lockers are more efficient – an InPost driver can deliver ten parcels in the time it takes a traditional courier to deliver one – and more environmentally friendly. Speed of delivery has also been a crucial factor in parcel lockers popularity for e-shops – approx. 98% of shipments are delivered the day after they are registered.

In order to satisfy the exacting criteria specified by the city of Salzburg, InPost will supply their very latest model ‘NEW FM’. The partnership also commits InPost to provide know-how and an after-sales services team.

Salzburg represents another step in InPost’s on-going expansion ¬– in recent years, InPost has provided parcel lockers to, amongst others, operators in: United Arab Emirates, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Iceland, Ireland, Colombia, Brazil and Australia.

Rafał Brzoska, CEO of InPost said: “Europe is beginning to appreciate the convenience of service automation – not only in the delivery and collection of parcels – but in other areas where our technology can be implemented.

Poland is undoubtedly a pioneer in this area – there is no other country in Europe that uses InPost’s parcel locker technology to such an extent. Reflecting on our development, it seems that the Old Continent needed more time to fully appreciate the advantages of 24/7 availability that our solutions provide.

However, it seems that labour supply issues, coupled with the unwavering, double-digit growth of e-commerce, will demand automation and InPost’s parcel lockers are perfectly placed to satisfy this need. In Poland, InPost’s parcel lockers are very popular and I am confident that the residents of Salzburg will also appreciate the availability, convenience and simplicity of such services. InPost’s parcel lockers meet the exacting standards of our Austrian partner – confirming our position as a global leader in parcel locker technology.”

Source: Post and Parcel

InPost set to deliver 1,000 parcel lockers in Austria          

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