Japanese retailer offers free delivery to senior customers

Appliance retailer Nojima will start offering free delivery to elderly customers who have given up their driver’s license, as Japan tackles soaring number of  accidents attributed to older drivers.

TVs and other large appliances are difficult to move without a car. The company hopes that its new program will make it easier for the elderly to shop while also making Japanese roads safer.

Starting Saturday, Nojima will waive the 1,080 yen ($10) delivery fee for customers aged 65 and above on any purchase of at least 5,000 yen. The customers will need to provide documentation that shows they have surrendered their license.

Drivers 75 and older caused 460 fatal accidents in Japan in 2018, according to the police. Despite a growing push for seniors to stay off the roads, many who live outside big cities have no choice but to keep driving even as their cognitive skills decline.

Source: Post and Parcel

Japanese retailer offers free delivery to senior customers

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