Ken Loach’s new film is a must-see for all | Letters

Sorry We Missed You is not just for middle-class cinephiles, says James Hope-Thompson. Hilary Fraser writes that a close relative was deeply affected by the film, while Ian Grieve says that it should be compulsory viewing for all voters

In reply to Bryn Hughes’ letter about Ken Loach, stating that “possessing the means to watch movies in cinemas might well be a valid definition of the middle class” (29 October), I saw Sorry We Missed You at a well-attended free preview screening at Odeon Liverpool at exactly the same time as the premier in London.

Similar events took place around the country, particularly in areas most affected by the gig economy. The audience was a complete mix and it was open to all. Few other film production companies would have been this thoughtful.

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Ken Loach’s new film is a must-see for all | Letters

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