K&S McKenzie are proud to bring you Dipetane Fuel Technology

Dipetane non-additive fuel technology is a game changer for governments, local authorities, and all fuel suppliers who have to reduce CO, CO², NOx and smoke in engines.

This unique product reduces fuel usage by up to 10%. It also reduces NOx by up to 35%, CO² by up to 23%, smoke by up to 50%, and offers up to 10% better fuel consumption.

Treating fuel at source with Dipetane greatly enables the facilitation and policing of the above emission reductions. Dipetane navigates climate change issues with greater certainty and outcome by upgrading all fossil fuels, including petrol, diesel, heating oil, kerosene, and heavy oil.

Dipetane uniquely addresses and solves the fundamental problem existing in standard combustion, which is that some of the valuable carbon remains unburnt. Dipetane equalises and stabilises the carbon chains in fuels which allows more of the incoming 21 units of oxygen in the air to attach to the carbon chains, thereby enabling a more complete combustion.

How Dipetane works

  • Injector Protection: Dipetane protects costly injectors and valve stems with its full burning of the carbon leaving no hard, unburnt carbon grating in the system. This combined with its built-in lubricant greatly increases lubrication thereby protecting injectors and valve stems.
  • Diesel Particle Filters (DPFs): Dipetane treated fuel has a unique ability to burn carbon more completely, compared to standard fuels. This means that much less unburnt carbon enters the DPF and therefore the regeneration occurs less often. In some 6.8 litre engines Dipetane’s use has extended the regeneration from 70 hours out to over 200 hours. This is a substantial fuel saving and protects the DPF from the very high revs involved in the regeneration process. Minimising regeneration, minimising fuel usage and protecting DPFs is very efficient and cost-effective.
  • Up to 10% Fuel Savings: Dipetane’s independent Scientific Chassis Dynamometer and Boiler Tests under controlled conditions show up to 10% fuel savings. Mix rate for Dipetane is always 1:200. One litre treats 200 litres of diesel, petrol, kerosene, and heavy oil. It does not change the spec of the fuel and is not an ‘additive’, being 100% hydro-carbon.

In simple terms, Dipetane increases the air to fuel ratio. It is the only pre-combustion fuel treatment world-wide that significantly reduces the greenhouse gas problems associated with all standard fuels. 

Dipetane has a cold pour point of -34°C and is 100% hydrocarbon. There is nothing in Dipetane that is not already in your fuel. It cannot change the spec of your fuel which remains within the EN590 Fuel Specification. Therefore, all warranties for your vehicle remain intact.

Over 40 million litres of fuel per year is treated with Dipetane with numerous testimonials confirming its ability to reduce emissions, save fuel and reduce engine maintenance. 

Dipetane has been saving fuel and reducing emissions over 30 years and as other products come and go, Dipetane has grown from strength to strength.

Key benefits

  • Up to 35% reduction in NOx
  • Up to 23% reduction in CO2
  • Up to 50% reduction on smoke
  • Up to 10% better fuel consumption
  • Helps to keep injectors DPFS & EGRS clean
  • Reduces AdBlue usage
  • Could cure NOx sensor problems

To find out more about Dipetane, or to try it for yourself, visit the K&S McKenzie website or call 01228 528218.

Source: Uk Haulier

K&S McKenzie are proud to bring you Dipetane Fuel Technology

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