L and K Transport have license revoked

Mr Jones has made an order to revoke the partnership’s licence after finding that it no longer satisfies the requirements of good repute, financial standing and professional competence.

The Traffic Commissioner also disqualified Lee Seldon from holding or applying for a licence for 30 months.

Mr Jones made a finding that there had not been a transport manager undertaking the proper role at any stage during the life of the licence, which was granted in 2014. He concluded this had had “a significant effect on both road safety and fair competition”.

He added: “Other operators running small transport businesses have to pay for the expertise of a transport manager and Lee Seldon has benefited from not having this financial burden.

“It is important that operators know they cannot operate without a transport manager for a long period of time without serious consequences.”

Source: Uk Haulier

L and K Transport have license revoked

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