Legislation changes: Strapping round timber

UK Haulier partner, K&S McKenzie Ltd. want to inform members that a new specification for timber haulage has recently been implemented. 

This new specification means that STF (Standard Tension Force) must now meet or exceed 400daN in order to comply with new timber strapping legislation. 

An STF rating of 400daN is achieved by using a long-handled pull-down (ergonomic) ratchet, which can apply a greater tensioning force on the webbing.

In recent weeks the team at K&S McKenzie has been manufacturing ratchet straps in-house to the new timber haulage specification. Not only do all their straps meet EN12195-2, but they can now also display an increased STF rating of 400daN for timber haulage.

All the straps K&S McKenzie manufacture are batch number controlled and regularly tested to ensure they continue to meet these regulations. 

Their in-house facility is also able to manufacture straps with various fittings and colours, at custom lengths, and in large quantities. They can also print your name on the webbing should this be required.

Contact the K&S McKenzie team today to find out more about timber strapping legislation or to enquire about purchasing compliant ratchet straps. Simply call 01228 528218 or email info@kandsmckenzieltdco.uk. 

Source: Uk Haulier

Legislation changes: Strapping round timber

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