Looking ahead to the future of tachographs

Looking ahead it will be interesting to see what happens next with Tachographs.

There are currently many rumours floating around in Brussels about the EU extending requirements down into the N1 Van sector at 2.4t.

There are no concrete proposals yet; it is an idea originating in the European Parliament to take forward into detailed discussions with other EU institutions. Unfortunately, due to Brexit, UK officials are no longer attending many EU meetings so our engagement on tachographs and other key matters will be primarily through other channels.

The tachograph is a key component in maintaining and improving road safety. In other parts of the world drivers’ hours are lightly or completely unregulated: in China, for example the requirement is for a 20-minute break every four hours but with no daily driving limit.

Should this ever become a formal proposal there will of course be a consultation period where the merits or not of this will, SMMT are sure, be hotly debated.

Source: Uk Haulier

Looking ahead to the future of tachographs

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