Major review on HGV routes in small Suffolk villages

Next month will see a board of senior highways chiefs debating whether to carry out a major review on the UK’s lorry routes due to growing concerns over HGV routes in small villages and requests for the issue to be more tightly managed.

Issues faced with HGV transport in small villages and the steps needed to take  to reduce the impact of this will be discussed in next month’s meeting.

Noise complaints, snared roads and damage to local buildings are among some of these concerns.

Solutions could include a working group, detailed research or alternative methods, and could include discussion on measures like tougher sanctions on trucks using inappropriate routes and conversations with haulage firms to educate drivers on the significance of using correct routes.

The issue has become highlighted over recent months with an increasing amount of trucks on the roads and the inability to ensure drivers follow diversion signs when there are roadworks, attempts to use local knowledge or their own routes, sources confirmed.

With greater traffic anticipated from the Sizewell C project, highways chiefs are hoping next month’s discussion will bring about a solution for those small villages affected, however, there is currently not a timeline for how long the steps will take that follow.

Source: Uk Haulier

Major review on HGV routes in small Suffolk villages

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