Many Retailers’ Final Christmas Order Dates are Earlier This Year

A number of major retailers are clawing back their online Christmas order deadlines this year, the international delivery expert ParcelHero has revealed; as it brings back its popular online stores’ Christmas booking dates tool.

ParcelHero’s Head of Consumer Research, David Jinks MILT,
says: ‘Last year many retailers were absolutely pushing final Christmas
delivery dates down to the wire to cater for the thousands of online
last-minute Christmas shoppers. The likes of Amazon, Argos and ASOS even took
orders on Christmas Eve. This year our research shows retailers rowing back
from last Christmas’s last-ditch final deadlines. ASOS has told us its final
deadline is 22nd December this year, rather than last year’s Christmas Eve
same-day delivery. Next has pulled back from the 22nd to the 20th of
December, as has Harrods; Body Shop has rowed all the way back to the 19th
December from the 21st last year; and Zara told us that its final deadline this
year is 18th December, a full five days back from last year’s deadline of
the 23rd.’

Says David: ‘In the last few years we’ve grown used to seeing
final order dates inch forwards a little more every Christmas. This year our
Christmas deadline tool reveals deadlines have gone into reverse. It’s possibly
a reflection of the troubles that can hit retailers’ supply chains at their
peak period of the year. By pushing forward their final order date retailers
have left themselves open to not getting presents delivered in time for
Christmas Day: the ultimate retail sin. Some retailers may be thinking it’s
simply not worth the risk of having orders cancelled because the gifts missed
the big day. Why risk upsetting and alienating previously loyal customers?’

Here’s five retailers who will be appearing on Santa’s
Naughty List this Christmas for reducing final order times:

The Naughty List:

ASOS 22nd December – from 24th in 2018

Bodyshop 19th December – from 21st

Harrods 20th December – from 22nd

Next 20th December – from 22nd

Zara 18th December – from 23rd

But David says not every retailer is pulling back on
Christmas deadlines.‘Some retailers are clearly channelling the spirit of
Rudolf and pushing dates are far forward as they can to mop up every
last-minute order. In fact. some have made big leaps:  Debenhams has
stepped up to the plate with a new deadline of the 23rd of December, instead of
the 21st as last year. Even more remarkably, online retailer Firebox and High
Street favourite Gap have both pushed their final online order dates forward a
full five days, from the 18th to the 23rd.

Here’s five retailers who will be appearing on the Santa’s
Nice List this Christmas for giving consumers the longest ordering period:

The Nice List:

Debenhams 23rd December – from 21st in 2018

Firebox 23rd December – from 18th

Gap 23rd December – from 18th

John Lewis 23rd December – from 22nd

The White Company 22nd December – from 20th

Concludes David: ‘Some retailers actually revise their final
order dates during December, depending on how much stock is left and how their
supply chain is coping. For example, shortly before Christmas last year ASOS
stretched its final deadline from the 23rd to the 24th of December to meet late
demand, and Boden revised its final order date all the way from the 18th to the
23rd. We expect to see ASOS’ final date revisited again this December as the
pressure rises to give shoppers last minute orders. That’s why our online
deadline tool is live and constantly updated.  While we don’t want to
encourage last-minute shopping, because of the risk of gifts missing Christmas
Day, we think it’s best to make sure shoppers are fully informed of the cut-off
dates for placing orders. But don’t forget, not everything will still be in
stock on the 23rd, even if a store is still delivering!’

See ParcelHero’s live full list of store final order dates,
and last parcel mailing dates, at

Source: Courier News

Many Retailers’ Final Christmas Order Dates are Earlier This Year

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