Michelin Tyres make tricky terrain easy for oil delivery company

Michelin’s X Works rugged tyre range is said to have transformed the fortunes of Scottish oil distributor Carnegie Fuels.


Typically, the Brechin-based company delivers to farms, industrial areas and residential properties that can often only be accessed on rocky off-road terrain – putting the 6×2 rigid tanker fleet’s fitments at an increased risk of stone cuts and ingress.

After testing a set of Michelin X Works D drive axle tyres and XZY3 steer and tag axle fitments on two of his 13 delivery vehicles, owner Kevin Carnegie admits the superior mileage he’s extracting from the tyres coupled with the lack of stone damage has far exceeded his expectations.

Commenting, he said: “We used to have real problems with stone damage. Water would get in and the rubber would start to peel. We used to get a lot of cuts. But with the Michelin X Works, we’re getting no stone ingression at all and virtually not a cut.”

Recalling his initial reluctance to test-run the tyres, he reveals: “I thought they weren’t the right tyres for us because they looked too much like a construction tyre – and we’re all about distribution. But I’ve been very impressed with them. It doesn’t matter if it’s wet, icy or dry ­– they perform well in all conditions.”

For further information on the Michelin commercial vehicle tyre range visit http://trucks.michelin.co.uk/

Source: Uk Haulier

Michelin Tyres make tricky terrain easy for oil delivery company

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