New oil for Mercedes trucks

A leading lubricants manufacturer has released a new engine oil for the latest Mercedes commercial vehicles.


FUCHS Lubricants has created TITAN CARGO 228.61 SAE 5W-30 – the first of its products to meet the API FA-4 specification required for new Mercedes trucks and buses.


Mercedes created the new HD-specification to help with fuel economy.


Andy Brown, UK Automotive Technical Manager at FUCHS Lubricants UK, said: “We’re pleased to have created TITAN CARGO 228.61 SAE 5W-30 to specifically meet the needs of the newest Mercedes HD-specification. It is for commercial vehicles with modern exhaust after-treatment systems.


“This is an ultra high performance, extreme fuel-economy engine oil. It shows that emissions are still big drivers for the industry. Everything is geared towards fuel economy, high temperate and high shear.


“There are boosted additive systems in place to achieve these results, while still protecting against wear.”


Suitable for Euro VI engines, TITAN CARGO 228.61 SAE 5W-30 offers good cold starting and lower oil consumption.


With over 100 years of experience, FUCHS develops and manufactures a diverse range of lubricants at its Stoke-on-Trent site, including TITAN engine oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils, ECOCOOL metalworking fluids and specialist pharmaceutical lubricants.


FUCHS offers an online product chooser feature which allows fleet managers to find out the best oils for their vehicles simply by imputing registration plates.


Source: Uk Haulier

New oil for Mercedes trucks

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