New online Transport Manager CPC Course set to transform industry

The UK’s first ever fully interactive online Transport Manager CPC course is set to change the industry forever when it launches on Friday, December 1.

This groundbreaking initiative – devised by Lincolnshire company NTP Services  –  aims to take the stress out of Transport Management CPC training and make it quicker and easier to pass the OCR recognised qualification than ever before.

NTP Services’ experienced team, led by project manager Kelly Moore, have spent thousands of hours reviewing and re-writing the original weighty and complex document comprising 30 modules.

In its place is a new user-friendly web-based course which offers full support to each student every step of the way.

“Quite simply this online Transport Manager CPC course is a game changer and a huge step forward for the industry,” says NTP Services’ Daryl Moore

“We’ve listened to the frustrations and concerns of those in the industry about the complexity of studying for the final exam and so we have taken the lengthy documents by the tail, shaken them up and put them into plainer, easier to understand English, creating a more dynamic learning and studying tool for the 21st Century.”

This course, the first of its kind in the UK, offers students a new way to study and achieve the OCR recognised qualification.

Kimbly Mackman explains: “At present students only have two options – home study or classroom based training. Both methods have their own benefits and pitfalls, and these will still be available in the future. However, from our own research, it was clear a third option was needed.”

The new Transport CPC online course will provide students with everything they need to pass the examination. Written in layman’s terms, it includes interactive knowledge, check quizzes that provide results for students instantly, videos covering each topic to cater for different learning styles, weekly live Q&A sessions, pre-examination online live study sessions, case studies, complete support from our tutors, supporting documents that students can download and save, notes for students to help them re-cap each module, support groups and even a final mock exam.

The impact of this new way of learning will be huge, adds Daryl Moore.

“The beauty of our course means students will be able to login 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere in the world, at a time to suit them. There’ll be no need to take time off work, to attend classroom based training or have a huge folder of paperwork. Our system will automatically track and maintain the student’s progress, meaning they can pick up where they left off with no worries. All they need to remember is their login details. Simple.”

NTP’s new online course launches on Friday, December 1 at an introductory rate of £750 plus vat. Students will gain instant access on sign up.

There will also be an option to purchase blocks of modules. For £200+ vat students can gain access to 5 modules per time. It’ll be set up as 6 different courses and will allow students to purchase modules 1-5 first and then move on to 6-10 etc to suit their time and budget.

Kelly Moore says: “We firmly believe this course will see an increase in OCR examination pass rates and that students will have a much clearer understanding overall.

“We want more people to become fully qualified and follow their career dreams and this is the perfect vehicle for them to achieve just that. We can’t wait to welcome our new students on December 1 and help them on their journey to success!”

For more information on NTP’s online course go to and register your interest so you can be one of the first to gain course access on December 1.

Source: Uk Haulier

New online Transport Manager CPC Course set to transform industry

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