Paired Girders for Newhaven Access Road

Utilising their fleet of ballasted heavy tractors and modular trailers configured as double bogies, the Collett Team deliver the first three 44m paired girders for the Newhaven Port Access Road Project.

Travelling from their point of manufacture at Cleveland Bridge UK Darlington facility, each of the three loads made the 323 mile trip to the BAM Nuttall site in Newhaven.

The 44m long cargoes required extensive swept path analysis reports ahead of the movement to ensure each of the lengthy cargoes could safely navigate the route.  Utilising hydraulic trailer capabilities, the Collett Team expertly navigated the roundabouts, twists and turns from Darlington to Newhaven.

Work has now begun on-site to complete the Newhaven Port Access Road Project with a bridge over the Newhaven – Seaford railway line and Mill Creek, ultimately linking into the East Quay area. Construction is now underway and is expected to be completed in 2020.

Source: Uk Haulier

Paired Girders for Newhaven Access Road

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