Parcelly expands PUDO in the MENA region

Parcelly, the UK carrier agnostic logistics tech platform, has announced the extension of its partnership with DHL Express.

Having operated a nationwide network of 2000+ stores in the UK since 2014, Parcelly is now expanding its PUDO (Pick-up and Drop-off) technology in the MENA region. The initiative will provide DHL Express with delivery points to enable convenient consumer collections and returns of e-commerce parcels across the region.

The partnership will drive operational and cost efficiencies for DHL, increase the range of consumer delivery options, whilst also contributing positively to environmental concerns associated with delivery vehicle mileage.

DHL will have access to the entire suite of Parcelly’s platform features, and in addition, Parcelly is launching tailored solutions to adapt the traditional PUDO model to local market needs, such as labelless e-commerce returns and Cash on Delivery payments. This project represents an important milestone for the partnership between the two companies and reinforces Parcelly’s position as a market-leading tech solution for the distribution network of the future.

Sebastian Steinhauser, CEO and Founder, Parcelly said: “We’re delighted to extend our partnership with DHL Express and to help establish the concept of Pick-up and Drop-off locations (PUDOs) as an alternative to home delivery in the Middle East. Combining our market-leading PUDO technology platform with the world’s leading international express service provider, this partnership is yet another example of how DHL continues to drive premium service options in the highly competitive retail space by challenging the status quo. By establishing an ever-growing network of local PUDO locations, for both collections and returns, this solution will provide choice, convenience and control to consumers in the region, while also reducing the environmental and operational impact of failed deliveries.”

Source: Post and Parcel

Parcelly expands PUDO in the MENA region

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