ProVision vehicle cameras provide constant access to footage for ultimate defence against insurance claims

ProVision is warning fleet operators of the exposure to risk associated with simple vehicle cameras that only store video locally. Video content of a journey is becoming increasingly crucial for insurance claims and defence, and is often used by the police as evidence in court cases. Police may choose to impound a vehicle following an accident and, as a result, fleet operators can be left exposed without access to the footage or their vehicle.

“Our vehicle cameras provide footage that can act as undisputable evidence, adding an extra layer of protection for drivers and fleet operators alike,” says Simon Murray, Sales & Marketing Director at ProVision.

ProVision’s cloud-connected solutions offer three significant advantages over traditional vehicle camera systems and dashcams. Firstly, high-resolution footage can be accessed and downloaded remotely, wherever the vehicle is located. Secondly, the fleet manager can see at a glance if a vehicle has a camera or recording system fault, allowing them to quickly take remedial action and continue recording. Finally, the ‘Delayed Switch-Off’ feature allows systems to continue to run independently of the ignition system, and for up to 24 hours after the engine is switched off.

Simon Murray says “With more and more insurance companies requiring operators to fit a camera solution, managers often do not realise what their requirements for the system are until it’s too late. We work with our customers to find a solution that best fits their fleet, but always recommend a cloud-based system so that footage is always accessible.

“We cannot stress strongly enough the importance of remote access to your camera system. Many of our customers come to us after experiencing a serious incident for which they were never able to retrieve their footage. Our system provides the comfort of always knowing that the cameras on each vehicle are working and that, should you need it, you can retrieve the footage.”

Source: Uk Haulier

ProVision vehicle cameras provide constant access to footage for ultimate defence against insurance claims

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