Reading’s ‘super seven’ reach 25-year milestone with Volvo Trucks

The Reading depot of Volvo Truck and Bus Centre London recently recognised staff that have completed a quarter of a century with the business. Taken on by the business in 1994– the seven long-term employees have overseen the emergence of advanced vehicle technologies, a move from Basingstoke and growth of the Volvo Trucks brand in the UK.

The staff that have reach the landmark at Volvo Reading are Wayne Hunter (Parts Supervisor), Wayne Ayres (Service Driver), Brian Bellwood (Service Controller), Keith Lyon (Technician Supervisor), Alan Church (Technician Supervisor), Jim Happel (Master Technician) and Gordon Laptain (Infrastructure Manager).

For some, the job at Volvo Trucks was their first job in the haulage world, while for others it was a step up the ladder on to bigger and better things. Initially recruited on a short-term contract, few of the Volvo workers thought they would still be with the company, but now have no plans to go anywhere else.

“The guys we have here demonstrate excellent expertise, enthusiasm and passion for everything they do in the job,” said Dave Gomm, Dealerpoint Manager at Volvo Truck and Bus Centre London’s Reading dealerpoint. “They show that if you work hard and do your best, you canprogress within a business. I think the fact that so many of them have stayed for 25 years shows what a great company and employer Volvo Trucks is.”

Throughout their journey within Volvo Trucks, the staffers have been prepared for any changes,which is testament to the London group’s approach to professional development.

“Part of the importance placed on quality within the company means that training is essential to thestaff,” adds Peter Groome, Managing Director of Volvo Truck and Bus Centre London. “These guyshave shown that continuous professional development leads to rewards of promotions, added responsibilities and increased respect from their peers. You meet many young people in the business, they realise it is competition, but they also see what opportunities there are for them inthe years to come.”

Source: Uk Haulier

Reading’s ‘super seven’ reach 25-year milestone with Volvo Trucks

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