Recent events prove to be huge success for SNAP

It’s been a manic few weeks lately for SNAP Account; preparing for both the CV Show and the first Truckfest of the year which happened to run almost consecutively made for a very busy time.

The CV Show has always a fantastic experience for the SNAP team and this year was no different; from the start their stand was a hive of activity, with existing customers and interested potential customers alike all eager to talk. Having had some fantastic feedback from companies and individuals who have really benefitted from joining them, with many asking about the future of SNAP.

“It’s always incredibly rewarding to hear from customers about the difference our service has made for them and we really enjoy discussing ideas for further improvement with the people that use our service” explained Events Manager, Emma Westwood.

Emma went on to express how positive the level of interest was from potential customers was also were very encouraging; clearly word has spread far and wide and more and more people are considering joining SNAP Account.

Alongside SNAP at the CV Show was DDL (Diesel Dynamics Limited), a company that specialises in dual fuel systems for HGV’s in order to increase efficiency and lower harmful emissions. Their technology can save up to £30 per vehicle per day in fuel costs and they too had a lot of interest from visitors.

Following a hectic three days at the CV show, SNAP had a day to unpack and repack their vehicles before heading off to Peterborough for the first Truckfest of the year. This event is always a highlight of the year for anyone within the industry and they always look forward to attending.

As always, Truckfest Peterborough draws an impressive crowd and even more impressive vehicles. Emma and her team got to work quickly on the Sunday morning handing out balloons and goodie bags to thousands of passers-by, with many drivers who are with SNAP taking a moment to thank us for making their lives a little easier and praising the simplicity of our system. It’s always great to hear that their work is having a real, positive impact on so many people’s working lives and we all really enjoy chatting with their customers.

Like the CV Show a few days prior, SNAP also had dozens and dozens of people who had heard about them or seen their adverts and wanted to know a little more about what we do, so much so that their Sales Manager rarely had a free moment.

You can see SNAP Account at many more events in the coming months around the UK.


Source: Uk Haulier

Recent events prove to be huge success for SNAP

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