Ten new Volvo tractor units are just the ticket for James Booth (Bolton) Ltd

Long-established Northern tipper haulage specialists, James Booth (Bolton) Ltd has recently put ten new Volvo FM tractor units into service as part of a total fleet renewal programme, consisting exclusively of Volvo trucks supplied by Pete Schofield, Customer Solutions Manager at Thomas Hardie Commercials Ltd.

FORS Bronze operators, James Booth (Bolton) Ltd. recently renewed their entire fleet with 15 Volvo FMs and three Volvo FH tractor units, but the new arrivals are all FM 6×2 Lite pusher axle Globetrotter-cabbed tractor units with Volvo’s D11K engine rated at 450hp and I-Shift automated transmission systems. With a 3,800mm wheelbase, front steel and rear air suspension systems, all the vehicles were specified with 5-year Volvo Gold Service Contracts, guaranteeing 100% uptime.

“We always schedule servicing on night shifts at Thomas Hardie Commercials’ Trafford Parkdealerpoint, which maximises our vehicle productivity levels,” reports Sarah J Booth, ManagingDirector at James Booth (Bolton) Ltd.

Sarah adds, “Volvo trucks have a long-established presence in our fleet and it is the best brand for us. We specify our vehicles carefully, while monitoring the progress of technology. With the latter, we’ll adjust our vehicle retention periods to suit and embrace any new developments which helpmaximise operating efficiencies.”

Volvo’s fleet management system, Dynafleet is used constantly by James Booth to monitor vehicle location and a number of performance parameters.

“We use Dynafleet, all day, every day. It gives us a window into what’s happening to every vehicleat any given moment and we can quickly spot any opportunities to save fuel. We also encourage our drivers to keep an eye on their scores. Volvo driver training programmes are held regularlyhere, which helps each of the team to get the best out of their own truck,” Sarah confirms adding, “Our drivers really appreciate Volvo’s comfort and performance standards. The three larger FHtractor units are utilised by those drivers who are away from base for most of the week on longer distance jobs and therefore benefit from the extra interior space and additional facilities available.”

Dealer back-up and support levels are another reason why James Booth is exclusively loyal to Volvo trucks.

“The staff at Thomas Hardie Commercial’s Trafford Park dealerpoint really look after us in the mainand are very keen to remedy any emerging issues and ‘nip them in the bud’. Pete Schofield alwaysgoes the extra mile for our company. He’s a great asset to the Volvo brand.” Sarah concludes.

Source: Uk Haulier

Ten new Volvo tractor units are just the ticket for James Booth (Bolton) Ltd

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