Two new Volvo FH’s take the euro zone heat at Alcaline UK Limited

European urgent shipment specialists, Alcaline UK Limited, have added two new low height Volvo FH tractor units to its fleet. The trucks entered service during record summer temperatures in Europe, operating on regular runs between Kent and Italy.

“One of our new Volvo FH tractor units is double-manned by a husband and wife team, who do two return trips to Italy every week,” reports Lorenzo Zaccheo, Managing Director at Alcaline UK Limited. “That schedule is a great test for a new truck and the initial fuel figures look promising. As the engines bed in, I expect the fuel returns to improve further,” Lorenzo adds.

Supplied by Paul Cogger, Sales Manager at MC Truck and Bus Ltd, the two 4×2 FH tractor units are powered by D13K Euro 6 Step D engines rated at 500hp and delivering a peak torque of 2500Nm. The full air suspension, X-Low height chassis were specified with 3.6m wheelbases and Jost cast fixed fifth wheels.

Helping to deliver improved fuel consumption and quicker journey times for the stunningly liveried duo are I-Shift Dual Clutch gearboxes matched to new generation low friction RSS1344E single reduction axles with a 2.85:1 ratio. One of the FH tractor units is a left hand drive, whilst the other is a right hand drive.

Lorenzo continues, “We monitor our truck performance levels very closely and do a lot of data collection. Compared to another vehicle marque we operate, Volvo trucks are more expensive to purchase. However, looking at a five-year parts purchasing perspective, we spend around £15k less on the Volvos. That’s despite genuine Volvo components having a higher price than the competitor’s in question. With regards to quality, you literally get what you pay for with Volvo trucks and we still have some 13 plate FHs in use.” Lorenzo also reports extremely positive driver feedback on his company’s Volvo trucks.

Vehicle reliability is key to Alcaline UK’s operations, which include a high percentage of guaranteed, just in time deliveries. In addition to operating 150 tractor units and 220 trailers, the company also owns a helicopter for urgent deliveries across Europe and is currently looking to invest in a freighter aircraft. “We’re also investigating Volvo LNG vehicles, as our high mileage, double-shifted jobs fit the operational model for these trucks. LNG fuelling infrastructure is also important and we’re moving towards new premises with a gas refuelling station,” Lorenzo concludes.

Source: Uk Haulier

Two new Volvo FH’s take the euro zone heat at Alcaline UK Limited

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