UK lags behind the US in implementing Big Data strategies

A recent survey has revealed that just 8 percent of fleet businesses in the UK are currently applying big data analytics to help deliver their business operations, with only a further 13% considering using big data analysis in the next twelve months. This comes in stark contrast to the US, where a total of 43 percent of organisations are either applying, or plan to apply, big data strategies in the next year.

Commissioned by Teletrac Navman, the survey delivered key insights into how organisations are currently operating fleets, as well as highlighting anticipated industry trends. The results clearly highlight that US respondents felt big data had more of an important role in the future of fleets, with 28 percent considering it to be the biggest emerging technology in the industry, compared to just 18 percent of UK respondents.

Teletrac Navman says the UK needs to try and pick up pace if it wants to stay ahead in today’s competitive marketplace. Big data means fleet managers now have more access to useful information than ever before, allowing them to improve performance, safety, diagnostics and maintenance through the use of data analysis through the use of telematics.

Commenting on the findings, Peter Millichap, UK Marketing Director at Teletrac Navman, said:

“We would advise UK fleet businesses to embrace big data as a real business solution. We now have access to a wealth of data at our fingertips which we can use to maximise productivity, reduce expenses, and lead the way in smarter decisions in the future of fleet management.

“Thanks to GPS fleet tracking and other data captured through telematics, fleets now have more data than ever before, which means those in the business can unearth both driver and vehicle patterns that can be used to improve all-round performance. From measuring driver behaviour, to the condition of equipment, big data analysis means fleet managers can optimise their business.

“Ultimately, big data tells fleet companies what they need to know, what they need to do and how they need to do it in order to be at the top of their game. We encourage UK companies to follow the US’s lead in approach.”

Source: Uk Haulier

UK lags behind the US in implementing Big Data strategies

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