USPS appeals to small to medium shippers

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has launched a new website to assist small- to medium-level shippers with a list of USPS Approved Shipping and Returns Consolidators that they can use to potentially qualify for discounts and offer other services.

The new site will list the consolidators that are regional or national in scope and if they are available for outbound shipments or returns.

Effective Sept. 30, consolidators currently listed will not be automatically registered on the new website and must reapply.

Approved consolidators must meet the criteria, enter into a consolidator linking agreement, trademark licensing agreement and comply with USPS style guidelines.

Application criteria and other information to qualify as a  USPS Approved Shipping and Returns Consolidator  is located at PostalPro.



Source: Post and Parcel

USPS appeals to small to medium shippers

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