Volvo’s Dual Clutch technology is a safe bet for Safepac

A Volvo Trucks customer for over 20 years, Mildenhall-based P+F Safepac Co. Ltd. are currently the biggest UK user of Volvo’s I-Shift Dual Clutch in its fleet of FH tractor units. The company’s preferred specification sees 6×2 tractor unit chassis specified with the range-topping Globetrotter XL cab, 500hp D13K engine and I-Shift Dual Clutch.

“We’ve found that our I-Shift Dual Clutch-equipped FHs are delivering improved fuel economy figures thanks to the preselected gears delivering no engine rev loss between ratio changes,” reported Nick Pearson, Director, P+F Safepac Co. Ltd. “This gain appears to be at its most apparent above sixth gear, where the truck is cruising along, regularly switching ratios when adapting to variations in topography. All in all, I’m very happy with I-Shift Dual Clutch,” Nick added.First introduced in 2013, Volvo’s I-Shift Dual Clutch consists of a 12-speed splitter and range change gearbox with an automated gear-changing system and a dual clutch for rapid, seamless and comfortable power shifting. I-Shift Dual Clutch can also be fitted with a compact retarder, power take-off, emergency power steering pump and an oil cooler.

Volvo Trucks predominate in P+F Safepac Co Ltd.’s 48-strong fleet and this operation includes a sole left hand drive FH drawbar combination, used for continental removals, and a double drive FH tractor unit deployed on 80-tonne STGO jobs.

As the latter truck would suggest, Safepac saw the potential to diversify its business many years ago and today operates in general haulage, bulk transport and low loader operations across the UK, Europe and closer to home in its Suffolk locale.

The company enjoys a close working partnership with its supplying dealers, Volvo Truck and Bus Centre East Anglia. “Ian Reed is our Truck Sales Executive and we’re still in contact with his predecessor, Matt Sadler, who is now Sales Director for East Anglia,” Nick declared. “In fact, our Volvo connection goes back further still, as in days gone, by we dealt with Matt’s father who also worked for Volvo Trucks,” he added.

Source: Uk Haulier

Volvo’s Dual Clutch technology is a safe bet for Safepac

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