We need to talk about the USA – USPS and UPU

This week is all about the USA. First of all, three announcements from the US Postal Service, then a look at the recent UPU Extraordinary Congress.

John Callan, Managing Director of Ursa Major Associates, joins me for some extra commentary:

  • USPS’s current parcel locker network

  • Should the parcel lockers be carrier agnostic or carrier specific?

  • A very big contract for delivery vehicles at the USPS

  • The USPS and drones!

  • (There’s a rant from me.)

  • The UPU Extraordinary Congress

  • What the USA will do next on Terminal Dues

  • Media reaction in the USA

  • How the USPS had been preparing for a possible UPU exit

  • Will other carriers benefit if USPS outbound rates go up?

  • Some other perspectives on the recent UPU discussions, including the debate’s domestic roots, counterfeiting, tensions between the USA and UN agencies, relations between the USA and China, FedEx, tariffs, the USA’s relationship with European nations

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We need to talk about the USA – USPS and UPU

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