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refused time off for a funeral

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refused time off for a funeral


Post by cantonkid1955 » Fri May 11, 2018 9:29 am

I was horrified to read in a previous post on here about two sisters who were working as couriers being refused the day off to attend their dear mothers funeral.
I worked for Parcelforce and one of the self employed drivers was refused the day off to attend his fathers funeral..unless he could provide the cover,,but us employed drivers created such a stink,that the delivery manager eventually caved in and gave him the day off without loss of pay..but that was only because he was shamed into doing it..and what little respect we had for him disappeared that day,,and he was moved on,,My dear mum was in a care home and she passed away,,I had that call,,and rang the depot and informed them that I was returning to depot,,because my mum had passed away,,their response was,,can you deliver your remaining pre 10 ams first,,?,,I wish I was making this up,but every word is true..
When all compassion for our fellow man has gone,we may as well call it a day,,
For a FM to refuse time off to attend a funeral,or hospital appointment ,is a gross misuse of power,,and its high time that these people nursing the small dick syndrome were named and shamed..for they really are the dregs of humanity,,


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Re: refused time off for a funeral


Post by TwistinUrMelon_Man » Fri May 11, 2018 9:15 pm

When my son died last year, my FM, John Fraser told me to take as long as I wanted off and my round would be covered. When I returned I still had my round, must admit there was a lot of carry forwards but it goes to show that not all FM's are shite.

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