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Courier Exchanges

Discussion About Sameday Delivery And All Other Courier Related News

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Courier Exchanges


Post by xLc » Wed Mar 08, 2017 1:50 pm

KDC Couriers
Exchange Jobs you have available
Enter Your Return Journeys
Find Loads
Give advice to Couriers
Make Couriers aware of other free resources
Provide Free listings for couriers new and old
KDC Couriers

Courier Exchange
You can register with them to either sell your courier work to other haulage companies or buy courier work for yourself.
They have over 2500 active members, 10,000 vehicles and upto 300,000 loads.
Courier Exchange is a paid site and prices vary depending on the level of package you want and the lenght of time you use there services.
Courier Exchange

Shed 5
the best exchange site for courier owner drivers
Shed 5 is the best freight exchange site for courier owner drivers because it gives you a complete work exchange package for one low price — no sneaky 'upgrades' needed, no hidden extras to pay for — and it's yours for life*
the trade-only courier work exchange
Shed 5 is a genuinely trade-only freight exchange — only bona fide courier / transport businesses are allowed to join, so you know you will be dealing with transport professionals.
just one payment of £25!
When you have paid the low-cost registration charge you will have free access to all the features of Shed 5, and all you have to do to keep your free lifetime membership is to log in to Shed 5 at least once a month — no more charges to pay!
advanced exchange features
Shed 5 has all the advanced features you would expect from a trade exchange — instant alerts, easy job posting, vehicle listings, regular runs, job allocation, consignment notes, member map, European cover, easy mobile access, annual GIT insurance check, forums — and it is all included in the low membership price.
Shed 5

have been working in the haulage company since 2000, they have 2 option when you sign up. The first one is FREE and includes, member directory, Post and View jobs, email alerts and many more. To be able to quote for courier work you have to sign up for the pro version at £10 per month and to recieve SMS messages is 6p per msg. You can cancel this at anytime and are under no obligation.
They Have over 1000 members.
They are constantly improving there systems to help things run smoother.


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